Have a look at some of the presentations of the DBI-INFRA core facilities in Denmark, what services they offer and the high expertise of their staff

  • Microscope Core Facility at Department of Science and Environment, Roskilde University 
    Download RUC presentation

  • Core Facility for Bioimaging, Danish Cancer Society Research Center
    Download DCSRC presentation 

  • Center for Advanced Bioimaging . CAB Frederiksberg Campus, Dep. of Plant and Environmental Sciences – CAB North Campus, Dep. of Biology
    Download CAB presentation

  • Core Facility for Integrated Microscopy – Department of Biomedical Sciences – KU
    Download CFIM presentation

  • Danish Molecular Biomedical Imaging Center (DaMBIC)
    Download DaMBIC – DBI infra meeting 2022 MFE

Photo Gallery of the meeting