Danish BioImaging (DBI) is a national consortium of Danish universities, research institutions and commercial companies with an interest in bioimaging as a tool for life science. It was established to foster research collaboration, share expertise, best practice and bioimaging research infrastructures within the medical and natural sciences, nationally and internationally.

The main goals of DBI are to:

  • share knowledge and best practice within the BioImaging community
  • promote the development of new bioimaging applications
  • facilitate the mobility of students, core facility staff and researchers between bioimaging institutions
  • ensure access to state-of-the-art research infrastructures and advanced bioimaging techniques
  • represent the Danish bioimaging community nationally and internationally
  • connect the Danish bioimaging community and infrastructures with international infrastructures and networks; e.g. the ESFRI EuroBioimaging and European COST action NEUBIAS
  • enable strong integration of the ESS and MaxIV facilities with Danish BioImaging facilities
  • promote innovation and collaboration with the industry

These goals will be executed by 6 DBI work groups (see table: Danish Bioimaging – Structure & organization).