Deadline: 2023-12-03

Location: DTU Risø Campus (Near Roskilde), Denmark

External link:

Type: Postdoc

Key details:
Application deadline = 03. December 2023
Start = 01. March 2024 (ideally)
Duration = 2 years
Location = DTU Risø Campus
Funding available for building/prototyping an IR microscope = lots.  


I would like to highlight this postdoc position posting by my colleague Mayank Jain at DTU Physics: ]. In short, we are looking for an instrumentation-savvy postdoc who can design, build, and code a scanning confocal microscope geared for IR-imaging. The purpose of the project is to understand charge-transfer processes in feldspar. With this understanding, we may use feldspar samples from Earth’s surface to better understand climate change – spanning historical time scales from decades to thousands of years. I will be involved in the project to advise on instrument design. I think this is a very good job opportunity for someone who wants to work on a well-funded instrument-builder-project in Denmark. 

Emil B. Kromann
Associate Professor
DTU, Dept. of Health Technology