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Molecules to Human (M2H) boot camp

September 16 @ 8:00 am - September 27 @ 5:00 pm CEST

Molecules to Human (M2H) boot camp

When & Where: 16-27 September 2024 in Denmark

Central idea of the M2H boot camp

Light microscopy and biomedical imaging communities use imaging to answer complex research questions in health and disease. However, these two communities have been traditionally isolated from each other leading to potential loss in collaborative opportunities, breakthroughs, and dialogue. Training programs such as Molecules to Human (M2H) boot camp are the first step in bridging light microscopy and biomedical imaging communities together with the aim of fostering further collaborations and dialogue.

Overview of the M2H boot camp

The M2H boot camp will include theoretical and hands-on training in light microscopy and biomedical imaging (preclinical/animal imaging). The M2H boot camp will take place in Denmark at two different venues in the cities of Aarhus and Copenhagen, drawing from the combined expertise of imaging core facilities under the umbrella of Danish BioImaging Network. The program for the M2H boot camp is organized as modules. In each module, a combination of imaging technologies will be introduced in the format of theoretical lectures followed by group hands-on practical rotations. Light microscopy component includes imaging technologies such as laser scanning confocal microscopy, super-resolution methods, deep imaging methods such as multiphoton and light sheet microscopy. The biomedical imaging component (preclinical/animal imaging) includes micro-Computed Tomography (microCT). Topics such as introduction to research models, identification of imaging workflows and image analysis strategies, project management, data management, and image analysis will also be featured at the course.

The M2H boot camp will feature 24 participants from across the globe. To facilitate equitable access, equal number of places will be allocated to six different geographical regions including Africa (4 places), Asia (4 places), Central & Eastern Europe (4 places), Latin America (4 places), North America & Oceania (4 places), and Northern, Southern & Western Europe (4 places).

Dates: 16 September – 27 September 2024 (2 weeks excluding weekends)


September 16 @ 8:00 am
September 27 @ 5:00 pm