Welcome to the summer edition of the Danish Bioimaging newsletter for 2023

Summer is here and we want to take this opportunity to update you on the latest news about the Danish Biomaging community.

Here a summary of our activities since our last edition.

The one-day QuPath workshop organised by the newly DBI-INFRA Image Analysis Core Facility (IA CF) in April was a success. The participants came from around Denmark and the Nordic countries to learn how to quantify histology and multiplexing images to support their users in image analysis or to perform their own research project. The workshop was supported by the Briding Nordic Microscope Infrastructure. More workshops and events organized by the DBI-INFRA IA CF team will be announced after the summer break. Stay tuned!.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce that the DBI-INFRA website (www.dbi-infra.eu) is finally launched! Have a look to get an overview of the bioimaging technologies and planned activities offered at the different DBI-INFRA facilities.  Moreover, you can use one of the new features, and fill in a form to request bioimaging expert advice on your research projects. DBI experts will review the project and advise you on what bioimaging technologies are optimal to answer your research questions, and help coordinate access to national or international facilities. The site also contains a page with several projects at the national and international level that include funding opportunities to support access to bioimaging technologies, activities and mobility grants. The page will be continuously updated to list a selection of the most relevant ones, currently: BNMI, ISIDORe, AgroServ, AI4Life and CanServ. Visit here the funding page to know more about bioimaging funding opporunities!

In addition, the DBI-INFRA Image Analysis Core Facility (IACF) will start offering Open Access Image analysis services after the summer. During the last months, the IACF team has worked to organise and implement the services, identifying IT and Computing infrastructures to offer remote access and support all over Denmark. You will find more detailed information about the four pilot projects and remote support in our next edition.

Moreover, we had a great Image Analysis Stakeholder workshop at the new Niels Bohr building organised by DBI, Alexandra Instittutet and QIM. The focus was set on the professional gap between life sciences and image-based computer sciences; should life scientists learn to program? should computer scientists learn more about life sciences? the subjects was presented from different stakeholders’ sides.

In June, we were honored by the visit of Euro BioImaging Bio-Hub Director Antje Keppler, and Teng-Leong Chew, Director of the advanced Imaging Center at Janelia. Antje visited the DBI-INFRA Hub to brainstorm on collaboration opportunities and long-term sustainability. Teng-Leong was visiting Denmark, participating in a PhD course in Image Analysis organized at Aarhus University, and supported by BNMI. On the way back, Teng-Leong visited the DBI-INFRA Hub to give a lecture under a Danish Bioimaging seminar: From image to knowledge: the importance of quantitive analysis toward accuracy in imaging science.

Finally, we would like to take the opportunity to remind you to join us. The second Bridging Nordic Microscopy Infrastructure (BNMI) Symposium is getting closer and will take place in Odense ( August 23rd -25th , 2023). The aim of the meeting is to bring together scientists who develop or utilize biological imaging methods, the Nordic imaging core facilities, and relevant industry stakeholders. The BNMI event contains an exciting program with internationally recognized invited speakers, that include: Christian Eggeling and Jan Huisken, among others. The symposium will include a pre-conference day (August 22nd) focused on topics relevant for people working at the Nordic bioimaging infrastructures. The link for registration and the program can be found here . We look forward to meeting you in Odense!.

Moreover, you can take a look to all our events during this year on our open calls and events section below.

Finally, also included in this newsletter is the new DBI video series about our users. Researchers affiliated at different Danish institutions share their bioimaging research with our community; highlighting how important is for their work to use DBI core facilities in order to pursue their research, how are they using the services we offer, both equipment and access to the knowledge and expertise of the core facility staff. You can watch the videos below for inspiration. Stay tuned for more to come!

We wish you a very happy summer. Enjoy!

Best Regards/ DBI Network & DBI INFRA Coordinator Sonia Diaz

Meet our users!

“The Core Facility for Integrated Microscopy at KU has been essential in order to pursue my PhD project”, says Marie Bølling Kongsted , Biologist. Core Facility of Integrated Microscopy at the University of Copenhagen.

Associate Professor Kasper Urup Kjeldsen from the Biology – Aarhus University who is using our infrastructure at the Aarhus BioImaging Core Facility for his research.

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