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NEUBIAS Academy webinar on “CellPose”

January 25 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm CET

NEUBIAS Academy proposes a new webinar *to happen on January 25th at
15h30-17h00 CEST* (Brussels Time): *CellPose*

With presentation by /Carsen Stringer/ (HHMI Janelia, USA).

Cellpose is deap-learning based tool for whole cell segmentation, which comes with generalized pretrained models. It works very well for whole cell, nuclei and tissue sections (imaged using fluorescence, phase contrast or DIC methods) without the need to do any additional preprocessing and model training. There are different implementations of cellpose including a web-based interface, ZeroCostDeepLearning4Mic jupyter notebook, Fiji, Napari, QuPath and CellProfiler-based platforms. During the webinar we demonstrate how cellpose works and how one can run it on their own datasets.