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    Hi all

    We had a brief discussion in the managing comittee of Danish BioImaging last week, in order to learn from each other trying to ensure a safe work environment during these strange times. We have discussed some guidelines but would like to get an ongoing discussion of how to tackle the challenges, when doing and imaging and trying to minimize the risk of transmitting the disease. So please join the discussion and give your best advice to the rest of the Danish facilities, to ensure a safe work environment for your colleagues and peers.


    Hi again

    Here are the rules for the Core Facility for Integrated Microscopy at University of Copenhagen. Feel free to copy or comment!


    Due to the spread of Covid-19, the Danish Health Authorities have issued social distancing and hygienic guidelines. SUND has been allowed to partially reopen for CRITICAL RESEARCH ONLY, and these guidelines are to be strictly followed during the partial reopening phase 1. These rules also apply to CFIM.

    CFIM is partially open for CRITICAL RESEARCH PROJECTS ONLY, from April 29th 2020 and until further notice.
    In order to access CFIM’s resources, approval from the Head of Department / Section Head / Director / Scientific Director is required. IF YOUR RESEARCH IS CRITICAL AND YOU NEED ACCESS TO CFIM DURING THIS PERIOD:

    • SUND users – it is your responsibility to obtain written permission from your head of department in order to
    access CFIM facilities.
    • External users – you need to fill in THIS FORM to get signed consent from your Head of
    Department/Unit/Institution or equivalents. The signed form is to be sent to BMI Head of Department Cathrine
    Ørskov ( for approval, with CC to Klaus Qvortrup ( and Clara Prats

    CFIM OPERATION AND BOOKING RULES (From April 29th 2020 and until further notice):
    Everybody accessing and using CFIM is to adhere the following rules – lack of compliance will lead to immediate expulsion and cancellation of access permission.
    Generally, you are not to come to CFIM
    • If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or you have been recently tested positive for COVID-19.
    • If you have been exposed to anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, or who has been tested positive for COVID-19.
    Please read and follow the regulations by the Danish Health Authorities.

    • CFIM will not offer support to users. Only independent, already trained users with critical research
    applications are allowed. Only “Do it yourself” bookings are possible through the booking system.
    • Due to social distancing rules, no training on the microscopes is allowed.
    • In case your project needs input, advice or operation assistance, support needs to be discussed in a per
    project basis with the relevant CFIM staff member (after approval by Klaus Qvortrup for EM or Clara Prats for
    LM), and prior to booking any resources.
    • CFIM staff may only be contacted by email or phone. No spontaneous visits to CFIM are allowed.


    • Do not enter CFIM unless you have a booking on a microscope or an appointment with a CFIM staff member.
    • Upon entering CFIM, you must disinfect your hands before proceeding to the facility. A table with alcogel is
    placed at the entrance.
    • Social distancing strictly applies: Keep a distance of 2 meters to other persons at all times. No more than 4
    people are allowed at any time in the common areas.
    • The common lunchroom is closed. No food consumption is allowed in the premises. The coffee machine may be
    used, disinfect contact surfaces with ethanol before and after use.
    • Only 1 person is allowed per microscope room.

    The number of available image analysis workstations has been reduced in order to ensure the safety distance between the workstations.

    • Microscope room occupancy is limited to 1 person, and 1 person only at a time
    • The systems need to be cleaned before and after you start working. To get started, follow these steps in
    1. Wipe all surfaces with ethanol:
     Door handle
     Desktop
     Mouse
     Keyboard
     All microscope knobs, buttons and dials
     Sample prep desk and/or incubator
    2. Use cling film to cover eyepieces.
    3. Use cling film to cover microscope touchscreen.
    4. Work with doors closed.
    5. Before leaving, discard all cling film and repeat step 2. If you are the last user of the day, discard the
    keyboard’s protective plastic.
    • If you need help while using the microscope, or something stops working, do not approach CFIM staff directly.
    Please phone staff and describe the issue first.

    • Always book the needed computer before you come to CFIM.
    • Keep 2 meters distance to others. The location of the workstations is considered a common area at CFIM. The
    workstations have been rearranged to ensure that social distancing measures are respected.
    • Wipe all surfaces with ethanol before and after working on the PC:
     Desktop
     Mouse
     Keyboard
    • If you need help, do not approach CFIM staff directly, always phone first.


    If you have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us:

    Klaus Qvortrup (EM): 28757251
    Tillmann Pape (EM): 93509536
    Michael Johnson (EM): 93588641
    Zhila Nikrozi (EM lab): 24340146
    Cristiano di Benedetto (EM lab): 50202584
    Clara Prats (LM): 24942522
    Thomas Braunstein (LM): 50528833
    Pablo Hernandez-Varas (LM): 93509111

    On behalf of the CFIM team, thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


    Great idea Thomas, here are the rules from CAB. Probably have a look at yours and see if a blend will be good :):

    Rules at CAB under Covid-19

    The University of Copenhagen has implemented a set of rules for working under the Covid-19 situation. These general rules fully apply for the CAB facility. Strict rules apply as to who is allowed to work from week 18 onwards. Work is limited to critical functions and certain PhD and postdoc projects as defined locally by the Head of Departments.
    Working in the CAB core facility is only allowed, if imaging is part of the critical functions and/or the approved PhD and postdoc projects. While working at CAB, the user will count as working at the department/section/research they come from. You are therefore only allowed to use CAB if you have been allocated time from where you are employed. If you have been allocated time, you book the microscopes via CAB’s booking site:

    The following rules apply specifically for CAB:
    • All training and teaching has been postponed until further notice
    • For the larger microscopes (CLSM, FLIM, Elyra, Andor, Opera, Zeiss) only one user per microscope per session are allowed.
    • For the wide-field microscopes 2 users are allowed at the same time slot as long as a working distance for 2 m is kept.
    • When booking please make a time interval of 30 min to other bookings to allow for air exchange in the room
    • Please be aware of that all touchable surfaces (keyboards, computer mice, eyepieces, focus knobs, joysticks, and the like) are possible means of transmitting Covid19. Transmission through the eye (conjunctiva) is considered possible.
    Therefore please:
    • Please cover up the keyboard and eyepieces with cling film before start
    • Please disinfect, with 70% ethanol, all touchable surfaces when you start your session, including computer mice, focus knobs joystick and lab tables
    • Before you leave remove cling film and repeat disinfection with 70% ethanol.
    • Do not start overnight experiments before consulting the core facility staff
    • If you have problems please contact the staff over the phone, please see phone numbers below.
    • Kitchens are closed until further notice.
    • Local and KU guidelines and rules apply; please keep yourself updated on the relevant websites.

    Phone numbers: Nynne: 30 58 60 91

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