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    Hi all

    I work in a core facility (CFIM) where we have a lot of dongles, that are used for full version software packages. These are needed to run image processing programs and normally have to sit in the computer in which the program is running. The problem of having the physical dongle in the computer running the software is that it looks like a USB storage device and costs a lot of money, so the risk that a user accidentially may run off with the dongle is great. Also it may be diffucult to find the dongle when you need it, if you have mutiple computers.
We found a SOLUTION for it some years ago and I just wanted to share it in the forum. We bought a relatively cheap program called “USB over Network”. The program allows you connect all your dongles physically in a central computer and link to them remotely before starting the programs. We haven’t seen a single program that doesn’t work with this program. The program is found here:


    (and I have absolutely no economical interest in the program)

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