2017 will be an exciting and important year for the Danish BioImaging community


  • Danish BioImaging network (DBI) has already 175 members and is constantly growing!
  • DBI has a logo! We thank all participants of the DBI logo contest for their time and creativity. The winner logo, created by the French designer Laurent Kobel (artisandupixel.fr), is the one shown above. On behalf of Danish BioImaging we would like to thank Laurent for his great logo.

Danish BioImaging homepage

  • Inauguration of the Danish BioImaging website: Our programmer, Matthias Volk, has now finished programming the first version of the DBI homepage. The site is constantly optimized, but the main functionality is in place.
  • Please visit the homepage at danishbioimaging.dk or at bioimaging.dk. We would like to invite you all to register and create your personal DBI member profile. If you are part of a bioimaging group, please coordinate with your co-workers to create your DBI group, to which you can include your equipment, events etc. allowing the community to search for Danish BioImaging members, available equipment, courses etc.
  • Check the ‘Questions and Answers’ to find out how the homepage works and how you should register as a member and a group. Please note that members and groups can create events (courses, meetings, symposiums etc.) and that the homepage contains a forum where you are free to post anything regarding bioimaging, equipment, techniques etc. We also created a forum called ‘JOBS’ for vacant positions and members seeking jobs.

We hope that the homepage will be an inspiring place to connect and build collaborations, and will benefit Danish bioimaging science.

Legal framework and plan for a DBI meeting

  • The DBI management committee is working to give a legal frame to the network under the Danish BioImaging collaboration agreement during the next few months.
  • A DBI work group consisting of Nynne Christensen (KU), Morten Schallburg Nielsen (AU), Christoffel Dinant (DCRC), Laure Plantard (KU), Jannik Larsen (DTU) and Clara Prats (KU) is organizing the First Danish BioImaging meeting/3rd Bridging Nordic Imaging meeting. The meeting will take place in the fall of 2017 in Aarhus. Help is appreciated, so if you would like to join, please contact the group.

New members

If you know of someone who could have an interest in bioimaging, please don’t hesitate to invite them to register as users on our brand new and shiny homepage.

On behalf of Danish BioImaging,
the best wishes for 2017,

Matthias, Thomas, Laure and Clara (CFIM)