Live online events targeting all levels in Bioimage analysis. Live Online Courses will provide interactivity with the audience (e.g. exercises in virtual breakout rooms), live Webinars will target larger audience with specific topics, software tools, theoretical content or critical updates, from introductions to concepts to very advanced implementations.

Questions and Answers will be moderated by experts. Webinars will be recorded and made available on Youtube NEUBIAS Channel , and a thread per event will be opened in the Forum to report Q&As and to welcome further questions/comments.

Upcoming events open to registration:

  • ilastik beyond pixel classification, 5 May, 2020, 15h30-17h00 CET (Brussels Time)
  • GPU-Accelerated Image Processing with CLIJ2, 6 May, 2020, 15h30-17h00 CET (Brussels Time)
  • Interactive Bioimage Analysis with Python and Jupyter, 7 May, 2020, 15h30-17h00 CET (Brussels Time)