Deadline: 2021-01-03

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

External link:

Type: Postdoc

About the research group

The laboratory of associate professor Lene N. Nejsum, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, Denmark, focuses on epithelial cell biology in health and disease. We are especially interested in AQP water channels and the regulation of AQP2 vesicles shuttling as well as how AQPs regulate cell-cell adhesion via modulation of junctional proteins.

About the research projects

You will be joining one of the following research projects:

Protein trafficking of renal AQP2:
In this position  (#1), the postdoctoral candidate will be part of a team that will investigate the underlying mechanisms of protein trafficking via vesicle shuttling of renal AQP2, which plays a vital role in regulation of body water balance via fine-tuning of urine concentration. The project is especially focused on using cell culture and new bioimaging techniques to investigate the vesicular population of AQP2. The position will include an international stay.

Investigations of the role of AQP3 in cellular adhesion in cancer:
In this position (#2), the postdoctoral candidate will be part of a team investigating how AQP3 affects cellular adhesion in cancer. This will be done via various cell biological methods, assays for cancer cell adhesion and invasion as well as in animal models. The project will focus on multiple myeloma.

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