External link: https://bnmi.eu/bnmi-stsm/

Type: Open call

Bridging Nordic Microscopy Infrastructure (BNMI) has a program to support the mobility for early career researchers called BNMI Short Term Scientific Missions (STMS) Program.

The STSM program will strategically contribute to the BNMI scientific aim of maximizing image-based research outputs by enabling 1) collaborations on innovative imaging methods, 2) access to imaging technology for scientists lacking them locally, and 3) knowledge transfer to support careers and regional development.

Funding, Execution and Duration – STSMs can have a duration of between 5 days and a month. The financial support on offer is a contribution to the travel and accommodation expenses incurred during the STSM. The cost of research materials or microscopes fees is not eligible for consideration as part of the grant.

The following funding conditions apply and must be respected: A STSM grant usually covers travel and accommodation and is paid in the form of a Grant. The financial support granted by a STSM is a contribution to the costs of the project/mission and may not necessarily cover all the costs. In general, grants will represent a maximum contribution of about 8 500 NOK from BNMI to the applicant. Please, note that the STSM grant will be paid to the successful applicants on completion of the STSM and after evaluation of the final STSM report.

Please note: The STSM is not targeted to ” full service “, but should rather support scientists in a collaborative way to develop tools and knowledge to perform their own work in biological imaging.

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