Deadline: 2018-11-30

Location: Munich, Germany

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Type: Academic staff

he Core Facility Bioimaging provides access to light microscopy, including confocal, multi-photon and STED, but also to deconvolution and image processing and analysis software for scientists from the BMC and neighboring institutes. We have over hundred users per year with a diverse range of applications and image analysis needs. To strengthen our core facility team, we are seeking an individual to support our users with microscopy, image processing and image analysis. Tasks include development of image analysis strategies, development of tools in ImageJ/Fiji or Matlab, or a combination of available tools to a work pipeline, general support with imaging software (Imaris, Huygens, Cell profiler) as well as introducing new users to our microscopes. The work will be performed in close collaboration with the respective users, and with the other Core Facility Bioimaging team members.


The ideal candidate has several of the following properties
• Solid background and experience in various light microscopy techniques
• Solid background in image analysis, including programming skills
• Experience with the evaluation (segmentation, tracking, colocalization) and visualization of microscopic images
• A university degree and a PhD or Postdoc in a related area
• Inter-disciplinary communication skills, to span the bridge from image analysis to biology and medicine
• Willingness to work in a service-oriented core facility, on varying projects with varying users
• Usable English and German language skills, or the willingness to acquire them quickly.
The position is available immediately for an initial period of one year. Salary will be according to TV-L. The University is an equal opportunity employer, trying to increase the number of women in research and teaching.

Wir bieten Ihnen eine interessante und verantwortungsvolle Tätigkeit mit guten Weiterbildungs- und Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten. Schwerbehinderte Bewerber / Bewerberinnen werden bei ansonsten im Wesentlichen gleicher Eignung bevorzugt. Die Bewerbung von Frauen wird begrüßt.


For further information please contact the head of the Core Facility Bioimaging, Steffen Dietzel, +49/89/218071518, Please send your complete application (in English or German) including a list of relevant experiences and skills and the name and e-mail/phone numbers of references (preferably all in one file) to this e-mail address.


Core Facility Bioimaging am Biomedizinischen Centrum der LMU
Dr. Steffen Dietzel
Großhaderner Straße 9
D-82152 Planegg-Martinsried