Deadline: 2022-04-10

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Applications are invited for the position as Head of the Danish BioImaging Infrastructure (DBI-INFRA) Image Analysis Core Facility to commence as soon as possible after April 1st 2022. DBI-INFRA will be launched as a national infrastructure on April 1st 2022. DBI-INFRA will create a national wide Image analysis core facility to offer open access to state-of-the-art computing and image analysis solutions for life scientists.

The successful applicant will lead a team of image analysts and developers and work within a highly international, multi-cultural and interdisciplinary enviroment with a common interest in bioimaging technologies. As Head of the Image Analysis Core Facility, the duties of the successful candidate will include:

  • Identify the image analysis needs of DBI-INFRA users to, in collaboration with computer scientists and Industry, create new solutions and tools
  • Define a wide range of storage and computing solutions to facilitate efficient data management and extraction
  • Implement robust image analysis pipelines to be accessible locally and remotely
  • Define clear image analysis guidelines for life scientists
  • Educate life scientists in Image analysis at all levels (incl. Basic Image analysis, Advance Image analysis and programming and software development)
  • Define price models to support the sustainability and development of the DBI-INFRA Image analysis services
  • Identify fund raising and collaboration opportunities to ensure long term sustainability of the services
  • Be proactive in the organization of DBI-INFRA activities (incl. Conferences, Workshops, Symposiums, Courses, and others)
  • Drive innovation in image analysis within DBI-INFRA
  • Engage, motivate, and manage the DBI-INFRA Image Analysis Core Facility team
  • Collect and analyze feedback from users to evaluate DBI-INFRA image analysis services
  • Represent and disseminate the DBI-INFRA Image Analysis Core Facility at the national and international level
  • Benchmark the DBI-INFRA Image analysis services (incl. New tools, pipelines, software, publications, and documentation)

The successful applicant should have:

  • Ph.D. in Computer Sciences or any relevant field with basic knowledge in life sciences
  • Proficiency in programming in a broad range of languages (e.g., Matlab, Python and Java)
  • Strong knowledge in IT and data protection
  • Experience in HPC implementation
  • Knowledge of bioimaging technologies; image formation, optics, and advanced digital image acquisition
  • Knowledge of modern deep learning algorithms and their deployment
  • User training and service experience in the field of Image analysis
  • Teaching experience in Image analysis at different levels
  • Experience in software deployment and remote image and data access technologies
  • Broad knowledge and experience in available open source and commercial image analysis software packages
  • Experience developing user-friendly bioimage analysis scripts, software, and image analysis frameworks
  • Experience interacting with life scientists and collaborating toward scientific publications in biology
  • Experience handling large multidimensional microscopy images storage and processing on specialized hardware
  • Network in the field of image analysis and software developers (National and international)
  • Leadership experience (e.g., lead of open-source projects and/or relevant working groups)
  • Excellent time management, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Fluency in English is a must, Danish will be considered an advantage