Location: Rocky Mountain, USA

Type: Open call


Axle Informatics is a scientific information technology and research company that offers innovative technology, scientific support services, informatics, and enterprise solutions to research centers and healthcare organizations around the globe. With experts in biomedical research, software engineering, bioinformatics and program management, we focus on developing and applying technology tools and techniques to empower decision-making and accelerate the discovery in translational research. We work with some of the top research organizations and facilities in the country including multiple institutes at the National Institutes of health (NIH).


We are looking for a Confocal Microscopy Specialist within a core facility to support scientists at the NIH/NIAID Rocky Mountain Laboratories.  This position includes overseeing and training on a variety of instruments including Zeiss 880, 710 and 880 multiphoton microscopes, as well as spinning disk and high-resolution instruments. The position will be based in Hamilton, Montana



Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist in specimen preparation and imaging of biological specimens for confocal microscopy, intravital imaging, and high-resolution imaging
  • Train users on imaging instrumentation and experimental design
  • Use and train users on quantitative microscopy techniques including fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) and fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and intravital imaging
  • Routine maintenance, operation and troubleshooting of commercial confocal and fluorescence microscopes
  • Assist scientists with experimental design and optimal specimen preparation
  • Collaborate with other members of NIAID/RTB imaging facilities to develop protocols
  • Additional responsibilities include participation in group meetings to discuss projects, sample and image preparation, data collection, post-collection image processing and assistance in micrograph interpretation for scientific staff.

Position Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Microbiology, Biology, Biochemistry, or related field required, Ph.D. preferred.  Minimum of three years confocal microscopy experience
  • Experience in cutting edge light microscopy technology and image analysis techniques applied to biological systems
  • Experience with advanced confocal imaging techniques including intravital and high-resolution imaging
  • Confocal microscopy experience should include all phases of sample preparation, image collection and data analysis
  • Expertise in image analysis of confocal and fluorescence microscopy datasets using packages such as Imaris, Huygens, Image J, Volocity
  • Experience in data management and computational image analysis

Personal Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team environment with co-workers, expertise ranging from novice to experts
  • Ability to advise and work at a high level with a variety of collaborators from diverse laboratories
  • Good record keeping and organizational skills