The core facility Center for Advanced Bioimaging (CAB) is housed at SCIENCE and the running of the center is shared between two instituts: Biology and Plant & Environmental Science. The microscopes are located both at Frederiksberg and Nørre campus.

CAB has dedicated staff that train and assis users of the facility. CAB’s instrument park comprises wide-field, confocal and 2-photon microscopes, a dedicated fluorescence life time (FLIM), a robot high-content screening spinning disk robot system and a super-resolution microscope, a BioStation for long term observations and a whole animal imager. Moreover, a laser micro dissection device, a laser ablation ICP-MS, a class S2 cell culture lab and a histology lab allow for tissue preparation and cell-specific analyses. Access is by a browser-based booking system that also does the invoicing. Beside the microscopes, CAB also offers master and ph.d. courses in Advanced Microscopy and Biological Imaging.



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Core facility
Københavns Universitet
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  • EM: SEM, TEM
  • LM: Confocal, dSTORM/PALM, FLIM, Fluorescence, FRAP, FRET, High content screening, High throughput, In vivo imaging, Live imaging, Multiphoton, Photoactivation, Second/Third harmonic, SIM, Spectral imaging, Spinning disc, TIRF, Transmission and other contrast techniques